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How Efficient Are Your Operations?

9:21am 11th February 2018





Like with other industries the sector of logistics has become much more involved with technology. Ships and flights can be tracked 2 hours a day and their positioning placed on maps that stream information to users. Many of the import procedures and forms in many modern ports, developed and some developing nations are now computerized as well as inspection of the contents of containers is done through advanced imaging systems. However, freight forwarders and the system that has come into existence for providing quotes has been lagging in pace when compared to the technological tools that are used in other areas of the industry as well as processes within the same business.

Multiple studies have been performed by leading freight forwarders on their own business as internal studies and other studies from outside of the industry have shown a consistent result when it comes to requesting a quote for a shipment. Generally there are two reasons for the conclusions that have been reached as to why freight forwarders are generally slow in their response times. Of course not all quotes are as slow, but some of the fastest times hovered around the 45 minutes point in multiple studies with quotes for varying shipment types.

Most logistics networks wouldn’t ask this of their members, but we feel that updates like this that take a critical look at the shortcomings of the industry and in individual operations is something that must be done to keep the strength and vitality of the small to medium-sized businesses when facing the resources of multinational corporations. In support of this we recently have put forth efforts for input and have been researching various network systems. However, we think that we are facing the same difficulty that many freight forwarders face when trying to develop efficient quote request responses. That is the fact that the systems used are so splintered and to accommodate all systems to work together through a linked framework is very difficult if not nearly impossible.

With this dilemma regarding systems and the varied formats and how some may or may not be compatible for interlinking networks that could support a universal quote request system, this proves an even more far off dream as more systems are developed and in turn leads to additional complications in the possibility for a comprehensive system or access to a quote database,

The freight forwarding industry is an integral link in the supply chain and this is something that many logistics networks fail to recognize. For this reason X2 Elite seeks only professionals and encourages its members to grow and develop their businesses both professionally and in terms of capability.