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X2020 Conference Postponement Announcement

4:05pm 31st January 2020





Dear All X2 Colleagues, 

It is with a heavy heart that I have chosen to make a decision at the crossroads of our health and safety. 

I imagine myself in a country road walking towards a crossroads. I cannot go straight or forward but only have the options of turning left or right. Turning left at the fork of the road for me would be grey skies and hospitals and seeing myself lying in a bed with my family holding my hand. It means it is too late. Turning right would be rainbows, sunshine and skipping up the country lane with my family in hand with smiles. Please reflect this to your own situations and scenarios.

I have therefore taken into consideration all things pushed upon us during this testing global time of health and safety. 

The decision today has been hard. It has destroyed my soul and has tested me more than anything else I can remember. 

I have over 500 people and your families to think about. I cannot risk anything to do with the lively hood of X2 members or my team. 

X2 has elected to postpone the 7th Annual conference that was scheduled to be held in February 2020. 

Like many of you, we have been carefully watching and analyzing the acceleration of infections and geographical spread of the Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China. Yesterday, the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus as a Global Health Emergency with the potential to expand, accelerate and infect new regions and countries. 

The ongoing impact of the outbreak on the world is unpredictable and we have already seen significant restrictions on transport, visas and group gatherings as well as activities within the conference venue. 

Many of you had already expressed extreme concern with proceeding with the conference, however, we wanted to ensure that we gave the situation every chance to stabilize or improve. Unfortunately, at the present time this has not happened and there is no current indication that this is imminent.

X2 members, my team and all of our families health, security, safety is always the decisive factor in all decisions we make and, after consultations with the venue, officials and local experts, we have taken this difficult but positive step to re-schedule the conference to May 2020. 

We have been working hard on contingency arrangements for the conference and we have now managed to agree a new date as follows;

8th - 13th May 2020

Meanwhile, we would like to thank all members for your ongoing support, patience and understanding, as well as your excellent input and suggestions.

We will be online and answering any questions you may have and please bear with us as we take time to answer all messages etc.

Again, I am feeling very sick and low about this scenario that has been brought upon us. However; I take strength from knowing it allows all of us to stay safe…make our families feel secure and we will still go ahead as soon as everything has settled down in regard to this virus and global catastrophe.

With Lots of X2 LOVE AND HUGS. 


Richard Overton.