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Congratulations to Miremar S.A. who receives their AEO Certification in Uruguay!

4:44am 5th August 2019





Miremar S.A. has recently received their AEO Certification in Uruguay, which enlightens their strength in being a reliable and safe agent. This certification is given by the National Management of Customs after an extensive review of the company’s organization, processes, security, management and financial statements.

Rossana Arcos, Managing Director from Miremar S.A. shared with us their successful achievement and we are so proud to show this to the X2 Network. Please keep on reading to find out more.

-Time and effort of implementation: It took us 1 year and a half to arrange all the implementation of the system, also to prepare the company with support in documentation and processes, there was also an important effort in financial matter. Miremar was selected via a government institution that supported with 80% of the cost of the assessment.

-Important changes done in the company for achieving the process: This process implemented a change, not only in the structure of the Company, but also in the perspective and way of seeing the international logistics industry. They had training in logistics security and management of shipments, on management of error and trial of protocols between different circumstances of emergencies. Also they strongly invested in computing security, implementing a new server in an external Data Center making sure the backups and communications in between them.

-Miremar’s main goals for achieving this certification: We wanted to be one of the first shipment agencies to comply with such requirements. Nowadays in Uruguay there are 68 certificated companies and shipment agents we are only 3. Another important goal to achieve with this is the capacity to access to business of different types like pharma and perishables.

-Benefits for clients and partners with this new status in the Business: Uruguay is working hard in Agreements of Mutual Recognition with different countries, where you can see the benefits of the times in customs processes when the supply chain is certified by AEO. Recently an agreement like this was signed with China, where if the supply chain has an AEO certification looking for the shipments of meat to the country can be set free in a reduced time, shortening the waiting times and costs.

Follow the link to learn more about their achievement!