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Membership Checks Are Out To All Members

8:52am 11th February 2018





Membership File Checks have recently been sent out to all of the members of X2 Elite. The file checks are performed to identify the documents that have not been submitted to the network. The documents, such as the Membership Management and the surveys are used to determine how to best increase the value of membership in X2 and to help us better understand what our members are looking for within the group.

Checked Items
The items that we checked in the Quarter 1 check reflect the emphasis that X2 has placed on this, the first quarter of 2014, which coincides with the recent 2014 X2 Conference and the points that were emphasized during the Plenary Session Presentation. We want to develop the most professional group of companies and from what the membership has told X2, the membership also wants to reach a level of professionalism that parallels that of the multinational corporations.  However, to do that we, as a group, need to establish a foundation for the framework that will propel this network to the top. We will be propelled to the top, not by being the largest network, but by being the most professional of networks. A new generation in logistics networks.

The Membership Management is perhaps one of the most important items on the list other than the Membership Agreement. However, it is probably also the most time consuming for members to complete. Occasionally, we are asked why we request this information, and the answer is that we request it because as we know more about your individual business and the goals you want to achieve as an X2 member, we can develop tools and programs to help you reach those targets.

The Survey is delivered by email intermittently to members. For those of the membership that have not received an email, there is nothing to worry about because you are not missing the survey. However, please realize that in the future you will likely be sent one via email.

The Conference Survey Response is unique to this quarter’s file checks and is only relevant to the members who supported the network through their attendance at the 2014 X2 Conference.

The Quarter 1 Newsletter Response has also been included in the checklist to remind members that we offer free placement in the X2 Quarterly Newsletter. We encourage all members to participate, as it is a free advertising opportunity.


The responses to the Q1 2014 Membership File Check has been much more positive than the Q4 2013 Membership File Checks. I am unable to cite the reason why, perhaps it was because of the busy schedule of the season at that time, the result of the conference and everyone being together and feeling more cohesive as a group, or for possibly a number of other reasons.

Perhaps the increased and more involved is a sign that the group is headed in the right direction and such involvement and professionalism will be continued on throughout the year as these checks will be conducted quarterly. Let’s continue the involvement that has been shown in the response to the Membership File Checks and form a solid foundation for a professional network.










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