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2014 X2 Conference: 5 Days

8:48am 11th February 2018





There are only 5 days remaining until the start of the 2014 X2 Conference in Bangkok, Thailand at the Anantara Riverside Resort & Spa. The X2 management and staff are definitely looking forward to meeting every attendee and are working hard at the moment to ensure the conference is enjoyable and productive for the membership.

The network began requesting confirmation of attendance in October to begin preparations for the upcoming conference. Some members were quite prompt while others long delayed until nearly the final deadline for reservations. Since then, a number of informational emails have been written and sent to all attendees. Below, are some of the topics that we have covered to help attendees prepare for 2014 X2 Conference.

One-to-One Meeting Scheduler

All attendees were quick to respond to the opening of the One-to-One Meeting Scheduler. There were a few hiccups, but overall it appears that all attendees have successfully scheduled meetings and most are showing some very packed schedules during their conference days. The filled schedules are good to see and we hope that each meeting can provide the first step to successful business development for the attendees.

Pre-Conference Guide

Earlier this month, the Pre-Conference guide was released and can be found here on the X2 Conference website. Inside, attendees will find all of the information needed to prepare for their stay in Bangkok and for attending the 2014 X2 Conference. This includes detailed information about the expected weather, transportation to and from the airport, and a general overview of the venue and the activities to be expected.

Conference Guide

Just recently the 2014 X2 Conference Guide was released and has been made available to attendees here. Inside this guide, attendees will find more detailed information about the conference, which includes the detailed agenda as well has a general overview of each day’s events.

Airport Map

An airport map of Suvarnabhumi Airport has been provided to all members in both the Pre-Conference Guide and by email. The map will provide guidance in locating the Meeting Point upon exiting from the Arrival Hall.

Limo Transport

We have received a few inquiries about transportation from the airport upon arrival and to the airport for departure. The arrangement of limo transportation and deadlines for submitting itinerary details have been detailed in both the Pre-Conference Guide and a number of other communications to advise attendees of the information required and deadline. Unfortunately, the deadline for submitting itineraries has passed, for attendees that have not submitted their flight information, limo transport cannot be secured.

Let’s Get Prepared

In 5 days we will all be meeting and getting to know each other better. Freight forwarders will be meeting other freight forwarders, the network management and staff will be meeting the attendees, and likewise the attendees will be meeting the X2 management and staff. Overall, the 2014 X2 Conference looks to be not only productive for its members, but is also shaping up to be a memorable and enjoyable experience.










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