What is
X2 Movers? 

The world is more connected than ever and the movement of people across borders is increasingly easy as globalization accelerates. Because of this the demand for relocation services is rising and professional movers and relocations service providers have a golden opportunity to grow and expand their business.

X2 Movers enables every member company to offer fully-integrated relocation services to customers regionally and globally. By unlocking the knowledge and reach of X2 Movers and X2 Logistics Networks you'll find enhanced growth opportunities.

X2 Movers is actively seeking professional relocation companies to join this exciting new network. If you are a dynamic and dedicated professional in relocations, personal effects and household goods - join the other professionals of X2 Movers.

X2 Movers is unique amongst the groups that make the composition of X2 Logistics Networks. The synergy that exists between relocations and freight forwarders creates a valuable business conduit within the group.

Member Benefits

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Trusted and professional
global freight forwarding

x2 benefits

Financial Protection

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Limited Membership per

x2 benefits

Free PR/Marketing
Opportunities and Services

The key point of membership is to grow your business. By keeping business within the group, X2 Movers can operate as a unified global identity with working partnerships and the ability to develop new business. As a cohesive group X2 and its members can promote a brand that the members are a part of and better compete against the multinationals

Other benefits include :


Professional assistance with business development between members


Automatic financial protection for paid members


Access to a network of professional, ethical, and reliable forwarders


Professional and actively involved network management team


Participate in the annual X2 Conference to build members relationships through personal interaction with fellow network members


Market membership caps and semi-exclusivity


Referral program that can lead up to 100% discount on annual membership fee


Free business advertisement potential via social media or industry publications


Specific market expansion and regional growth


Strategic partnerships


Improve quality of existing agent network and customer service globally


Free PR Desk and Marketing services

Network Facts


X2 Movers Members

Countries Represented

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Cities Covered

Herbert Hang
Shanghai SAGA International Freight Forwarding Co. LTD
This is the best network… I feel very well because we have been in other networks in the past 10 years… I feel very confident.
X2 Annual Conference 2020

Every year the Network Members gather under one roof for the X2 Annual Conference.
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